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Ava Quinn: Reverse Harem

Three men. Three motives. Three savage protectors.

Have you ever needed an escape so badly that you’d do anything to get it? Lie, steal, cheat, give yourself permissions you wouldn’t normally give?

Well, I have.

And every one of those choices led me here.

Tied up in ropes.

I'm at the mercy of two controlling, possessive, vengeful men.

Men, who I share more in common with than you’d think.

My fiancé insists he can save me, but I’m not sure I want to be saved.

This is the escape I was looking for.

This is revenge.

Dear Readers, this is a mafia reverse harem romance. Some of the men are rough, controlling, and possessive. Thankfully, our heroine knows what to do with bad boys.



Hey friends!

It's been a spell since Ava released a book, but she is back and full steam ahead! This year is chocked full of Ava surprises including a few audio books that are sure to leave you sticky in all kinds of places!

I can't wait to tell you who is narrating the new series:




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