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Her Older Halloween Treat

Hi friends!

This month has been a challenging one for me. My only daughter flew the coup, jumped out the nest, left to start a life of her own. It's wonderful, we are happy for her. She's a smart girl, she'll make good choices. But still... :( WAHHHHHH!!! Come back and be my baby! lol

That said, my productivity wasn't as great and I hit a few snags of writers block here and there while trying to manage some self care.

If you're wondering what self care is... that's a sure sign that you need it. I learned that the last few weeks as well. :)

One of my favorite things to do for myself is read and there's so much great content out there right now. Especially for the spooky season!

What are you reading? What do you do to recharge yourself in stressful times?


I don't do social events. I'd rather be inside with a book, especially on Halloween.

So when my best friend invites me to a bachelor auction, I kick and scream.

Enter six and a half feet of steaming, hot werewolf, and this Halloween just got interesting.


Raven is far too young for me, but something is pulling me toward her.

The sight of her supple body makes me want to howl at the moon.

Is it love or does this Little Red Riding Hood need to be devoured by the Big Bad Wolf?

Maybe both.

Read Raven and Cullen's story FREE on KU


Author Spotlight

Mia Brody


Did you know that Khloe Summers is also Ava Quinn?

If you love RH Romance and Happily Ever Afters read the FULL LENGTH series Wicked Paradise here!


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