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New Release- A Mountaintop Christmas-FREE IN KU-

What will this reclusive mountain man do when a curvy postal worker threatens his solitude?


I've been alone on this Alaskan mountaintop so long that people refer to me as the Yeti,

And I have no regrets.

But when a nosey new postal worker starts messing with my Christmas packages and begins sending me personalized letters,

I need to show her I am more animal than her little, curvy body can handle.





Already read A Mountaintop Christmas? Keep reading for a Bonus Scene.


One Year Later

Relief washes over me as the last bike goes out for delivery. We've been working nonstop for the past few weeks to get everything finished in time and now we can finally relax and enjoy the holiday knowing the kids in Anchorage will have a good Christmas. Next year, I think we'll try Branbow.

"How are you feeling angel?" I kiss Eve on the forehead and help her up into the truck. She's about eight months pregnant and she should be resting, but she insisted on coming out with me tonight, and I have to say, I'm glad she did. Having her beside me with that big, bright smile of hers only heightened the experience.

"I'm just so happy we got to help so many kids." She smiles and rubs her stomach as I place my hand on top of hers, running my touch over top her expanded belly. I didn't think she could get any more beautiful, but here I am staring back at her rosy cheeks realizing she's somehow managed it.

Keeping my hand on her lap, I start up the truck and head toward the main road. It's a five-hour drive back to the cabin, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it. She looks so damn cute in that red velvet dress.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She asks, her cheeks turning red as I glance toward her. "You need to keep your eyes on the road."

That's a true story, I do need to watch the road, but I'm not sure how I'm going to manage that knowing she's right beside me with cute little belly. I run my hand over top over again, massaging in circles as I drive.

I pull the truck to the side of the road. It's a quiet night, but this area of the highway is usually not busy. Christmas Eve only makes it even more desolate. Most folks know better than to be out driving around on a late December night in Alaska. The weather can change on a dime. If there were hotels along the way, I'd have stopped. Hell, the better bet would've been keeping Eve home all together, but she'd have never let me leave without her.

"What are you doing?" Her voice is soft and sweet. "Is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine Angel, I just need to kiss those lips or I'm not going to make it home." I unbuckle our seatbelts and she slides toward me, leaning her soft, sweet kiss into mine. My hand runs over top her belly, over her swollen breasts and onto her face, cupping her gently as I taste the sweet sugar cookie she had before we left town.

How did I ever live without this? How did I ever think that life was good? It was nothing until I met Eve. Our lips begin to separate and a rush of cool air passes between us.

"We're fogging up the windows like a couple of teenagers," she says, smiling. "I'm not sure I can take much more teasing; you need to get me back to the cabin... take advantage of me while I'm still able to move."

Her smile lights up my face, but my cock is at full attention. "The cabin is too far, I should take you into the woods right now and have my way with you."

A gentle purr bubbles up her throat as her eyes narrow with a playfulness that forces my cock even harder. "You know I'd give anything for a wild night with a Yeti, but I'm not sure we can trust the weather."

I grin and kiss her head. She's probably right, though I'd like to ignore it and keep touching her, kissing her, loving on her. "Okay, okay," I say, kissing her neck as a light snow begins to fall.

She kisses me gently before sliding back into the passenger seat, but I hold her close, pulling the middle belt over her chest to keep her in place. "Stay here next to me. I want to feel your touch when we drive."

A smile lifts onto her face as her hand grazes my thigh. Man, just having her next to me is like heaven and it always will be.

"What do you think about the name Ismitta? I've been racking my brain the last few weeks and I think it really fits."

I grip her hand in mine, my cock still throbbing but the erection subsiding in favor of the smarter decision to take her home and love on her properly. "What does Ismitta mean? I've never heard it before."

"Daughter of the mountain," she says, gripping my hand tight. "I think it's fitting, considering her father is a Yeti."

And with that, I know there's no better name for our daughter. "Ismitta it is, and you Mrs. Yeti are going to be the best mother." I lift her hand to my mouth and kiss it. Holding her on my lips longer than necessary as I take every bit of her in.

Life is short. Each and every moment with this beautiful family of mine is all I need. And I have the U.S. Postal Service to thank for delivering the best woman a man could ever love.


Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL holiday season!

What did you ask Santa for?




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