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New Release! Midnight Kisses--FREE IN KU

Can this rough, tough bodyguard protect a woman in peril, or will he fall prey to the allure of a midnight kiss?


The name Daddy was supposed to be a joke, and it was, until I hear Kenley Foster say it.

Now, I want nothing more than to hear her scream it out, over and over again.

But first, I have to win her heart, protect her from the stream of douchebags all vying for a kiss, and claim her as my own.

Maybe then, I can make her see that a life with Daddy is a life she can't pass up.


I never should have written this book.

The Kiss Quota is going to be the death of me... quite literally.

Internet psychos keep popping up everywhere.

I need a big, strong man to protect me, and Daddy fits that bill.

Trouble is, I don't want him to leave.


This year, make the ultimate resolution to fall in love with the sexiest book boyfriends around.

Midnight kisses, parties in the city, cozy cabins, and all the taboo sexiness you can handle.

Strap on your slippers, and get cozy, because these men are coming to you.


Let's Talk!

This year has been incredible. I've published 43 books, started a new pen name, and I've succeeded in making writing a Full-Time career.
It's also been a little sad. My mom was battling some health issues, my husband and I became empty nesters, and I struggled to get my anxiety in check for the better part of the year.
But through it all, I was reminded more than ever that writing is where I belong. It's my escape and my place of solitude.
THANK YOU for giving me that gift. THANK YOU for reading my words. THANK YOU for your kind encouragement and endless support.
This year, I resolve to bring you more of the stories you love for both Ava Quinn and Khloe Summers with a few new surprises.

What's your New Year Resolution?


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