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Can this filthy, older cowboy help a prim, curvy, city girl see the country ain't so bad?


I don't milk cows,

I don't haul hay,

I don't ride horses.

I should've put that on my resume.

Maybe then I wouldn't be stuck at ground zero surrounded by 'nature' and a cowboy named Hawk.

Who names their baby Hawk?

I think I hate him. In fact, I'm pretty sure we hate each other,

Until he opens his gritty mouth.

What is it about a grumpy, filthy, inked up cowboy that does it for me?

I'm not sure, but I think I'm about to find out.


The last thing I need is some corporate suit, edging in on my productivity.

The boss says she's here for a possible buy-in.

It could mean more money for the ranch and more business for Rugged Mountain.

I say it's a big mistake and I'm hell bent on proving it.

If I have to make her life miserable, so be it.

Trouble is, the 'suit' in question is a hot, curvy, bombshell that I can't look away from.

I have no business putting my filthy hands on this prim, young woman,

But I'm not gonna let that stop me.

Dear Readers, This is a short, age-gap romance with loads of steam! As always this title comes with Khloe's "Easy Escape Seal', a no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guarantee.

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