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Will this older mountain man find love with his best friend's daughter?


Staying away from your dad’s best friend should be easy.

He’s older, and obviously off limits.

There’s no debating any of that.

But guys my age don’t see me like Rowan does.

They aren’t as protective either.

I know I should do the right thing and ignore every feeling I have for him.

Trouble is, when we're alone, I can't help myself.

I need his big, rough hands on my skin.

I need his strong, inked frame against mine.

Rowan may be off limits, but what harm could one night do?


I can't help but protect her.

A favor to my best friend.

Drive her up the mountain and drop her off.

I can do that

Except I can't.

The girl is a curvy, spitfire who checks every box I have.

A good man would respect his friend and walk away.

But I'm not a good man, and touching Bailey is all I'm thinking about.

Dear Readers,

This is a short, age gap romance with a big, growly, protective, mountain man and a curvy, younger heroine. As always this title comes with Khloe's 'Easy Escape Seal' A no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guarantee.


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