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Can this mail order bride find love with a mysterious older mountain man?

Birdie I've spent too long looking for the man of my dreams. I know what I want, and it should be that simple... right? When I strike up a conversation with a man online who fits the bill, I decide to jump all in and marry him, sight unseen. I know it's crazy, but the universe will take care of me. That is... until I show up at his address. He's intimidating, brutish, and he's acting like he doesn't know me. What have I gotten myself into?

Walker After spending years dodging the police and keeping a low profile, I've learned to accept I might never find love. That is until a curvy, mouthy, sexy as hell woman shows up saying she knows me, and that she's my mail-order bride. I don't know who sent her or if she's here on a spy mission. But if she gets any closer, I won't be letting her leave.


Dear readers, This is a super steamy, curvy, age gap romance. As always, this title comes with Khloe's 'Easy Escape Seal' a no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guarantee.


Hi friends!

Yay for another release day and happy almost Halloween! We still have pumpkins sitting by the front door that need to be carved, but we're stocked with loads of candy! Most of which I haven't devoured myself. Though, there's still a full day to Halloween so... I may have to update you on that tomorrow. :)

Do you get a lot of trick or treaters where you are?

Well, I'm off to plot a new series for Ava and maybe bring those pumpkins in off the front porch. :)

Happy reading. :)




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