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Three men. Three motives. Three savage protectors.

I'm usually down for handcuffs.

But I'm not sure these gangsters and I are seeing eye to eye.

They're controlling, possessive, and they think they have the upper hand.

Then again, they don't know the real me, or the secrets I'm hiding.

Lucky me, I have them right where I want them...

Dear Readers, this is a mafia reverse harem romance. Some of the men are rough, controlling, and possessive. Thankfully, our heroine knows what to do with bad boys.


Hi friends,

Greetings again from Florida. It's back to school time for the kids and I know many of you couldn't be happier. I know I used to be so happy and sad to see my daughter go back. But that's life, right? Everything is good and bad at the same time.

Which brings us to today's new Ava Quinn release. Fire and Flames is a sexy story about three horny and strong mafia men that you can all get in to, or at least let get into you... if you know what I mean! LMAO. Lucy is being held against her will, but it's her fantasy to tame more than one rough stallion at a time. Hard to believe someone would ever want that... right? LMAO

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Love and Hugs!


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