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Am I a fraud?

I've spent all my life working to become a psychologist, and now the only job that will take me is a camp for rich people and their kids.

When I arrive at Mountain Ridge, I immediately feel overwhelmed by all their screaming faces.

That is until a six-foot three mountain of a man shows me the ropes.

Fraud or not, this experience is about to get a little more rugged than I planned.


I'm a mountain boy who's been raised on solitude and classic rock.

I know my family worries that I spend too much time alone but that's the life of a plow man.

When everyone else is sleeping, I'm out taking care of business.

But when summer comes around, there's no snow, meaning it's time for camp.

Like it or not, a man's got to work.

But this year isn't like most. They've hired the most gorgeous, curvy, therapist.

If she's not careful, she'll soon be finding out how hard I can go after dark.

This is a short and steamy, age gap romance. As always, this title comes with Khloe’s ‘Easy Escape Seal’, a no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guarantee.


Hi friends! It's release day again! Yay! I'm always so excited to share new stories with y'all. This one was so much fun to write! You'll see lots of Henry from RMI in this story as Alex (the hero) is Henry's cousin. :) I hope you enjoy!! <3


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