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Santa Baby! New Release



Can this city girl tame a wild lone rancher?


I'm a loner--happy to live life on my ranch in peace.

The last thing I want is a day with some twenty-something with intentions of getting me on social media--I don't care if it does save the ranch.

That said, here I am, drinking in her curves and falling hard for every smart word she says.

Now, there's no way I'm letting her leave.

In fact, I dare her to try.

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Two Years Later

Baby Brianna is just a few months old, but the sweet cooing sounds she sings sound better than any choir. How did I get so lucky to have these two in my life? My beautiful Lisa and this baby girl? It's surreal somedays when I think about it. I've spent so many Christmases alone and now I have everything I never knew I wanted.

"You're up late," Lisa says, leaning against the door jamb, she's in a short white nightgown that hugs her swollen breasts.

"More like, up early," I say, rocking Brianna gently as she stares up at me. "I couldn't stop thinking about her. Besides, you're supposed to be sleeping in. It's Christmas Eve, you're going to need the rest."

Lisa smiles and walks toward me, lifting the baby from my arms to gently set her in the crib. "She needs her sleep, and you need yours, Daddy."

I stand from the rocker and run my hand down over Lisa's back, circling the small base before hugging her from behind as we stare down into the crib. "I'm not sure I'll ever sleep again."

"And why's that?" She whispers.

"I just want to keep you both safe. It's all I'm thinking about." I kiss her shoulder. "Well, that and this Christmas gift I got you."

Lisa spins toward me, her eyes wide and playful, her voice a low whisper. "Christmas gift? What Christmas gift?"

I grip her hand and sneak her from the baby's room, closing the door quietly behind us.

"What's going on, Ken? The suspense is killing me."

I keep grip on her hand and walk her toward the back door, stopping to slide boots on before we step into the cold.

"Where are we going, we can't leave Brianna for--"

"We're not going far," I say, opening the front door, "I just wanted to show you across the field."

We aren't on the front porch for a second when Lisa's head spins back toward me with the sweetest smile I've ever seen. "Is that what I think it is?"

I nod. "It's your own studio. I've been building it behind the barn. I just rolled it into place tonight. I wanted it to be a surprise Christmas morning, but I couldn't wait. You should go check it out, I'll stay here with Brianna."

She spins back toward me and wraps her arm around my neck, her toes lifting from the ground to reach me. "Ken, you built that yourself? When did you have time?"

"Between chores here and there," I smack her ass playfully, "Go... check it out!"

Lisa smiles wide and squeals before kissing me then running off the front porch to check out the building.

My heart swells with pride, joy, and contentment. This is the moment I've been waiting for since I came up with the idea to build her the studio. The bright look in her eyes, the giddiness in her smile. I want her to have a place of her own to work, to remember who she is outside of being a mom and a wife. Because that woman is the woman, I love more than all the stars in this fucking sky and I can't bear the thought of ever losing her.

"Oh my god, Ken!" Lisa shouts from across the field with excitement. "You made a light room!"

I smile watch as she dips back inside the building. Barbie at my side. I wonder if Dad can hear the noise from his side of the property, but I guess we're far enough away that he can't. Even if he can, I'm not sure I care right now. I'm much too lost in the sound of happiness to focus on anything else.

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