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Amazon's mistake is your win!


However, if you pre-ordered this book, due to a glitch with Amazon your order was cancelled, and you will need to re-order.

Otherwise, this HOT AND STEAMY title is FREE IN KU! :)


Will this older man fall victim to the wiles of a curvy younger woman?

Hawk I've traveled a long way to do my job, and I'm focused on my mission, But the curvy temptress who's guiding me up this mountain cannot be ignored.

She’s way out of line and needs restraint. Trouble is, once I have her tied up, I’m not sure I want to let her go. She looks too good begging for release… I think I'll have to keep her.

Violet When my mom was young, she was obsessed with crime stories, now I am too. Thankfully, they prepared me for the mystery of my life. And subsequently, my own capture. But I say, everything happens for a reason. And I know I’m right when a hot, inked and brooding detective enters the picture. Something tells me I'm in for the ride of a lifetime.


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Hi friends! Hurricane Ian came and went. Thankfully, we were out of most of his path, and I was able to enjoy some time locked in the house with my family. :) I hope everyone who was in his path is safe and well.

I also got a ton of writing done and I'm excited to share Violet's story in Temptress! Beware though: She is a saucy little thing!



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