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Reading Order

All titles can be read as standalones, but in order they create the world of

 Rugged Mountain. 


Welcome to Rugged Mountain!

Filthy, Dirty, Small-Town Love

Curvy Girls, Inked up Alphas, and HEA Guarantee

Rugged Mountain Ink (The Beginning) 

Restless (Secret Baby, Age Gap)
Broken (Protector, Age Gap)
Filthy (Age Gap, Virgin)
Fearless (Enemies to Lovers, Age Gap)
Badass (Age Gap, Virgin)
Passionate (Single Mom, Fake Relationship)
Striking (Damsel in Distress, Age Gap)
Tough Guy (MC, Age Gap)
Protector (Damsel in Distress, Age Gap)
Spicy (Age Gap, Virgin)


Rugged Mountain Ink (Filthy, Dirty, Small-Town Love)

Obsessed (Student-Teacher, Age Gap)
Dirty Talker (Age Gap, Virgin)
Temptress (Age Gap, Taboo)
Lone Wolf (Age Gap, Mail Order)
Savage (Age Gap, Grumpy/Sunshine)
Delivery Man (Age Gap, Secret Baby)
Scrooge (Age Gap, Cowboy)
Innocent (Age Gap, Virgin)
Lumberjack (Age Gap, Enemies to Lovers)
Bookworm (Age Gap, Cowboy)

Rugged Mountain Ink (Waylon Family Ranch)

Protector Cowboy (Age Gap, Best Friends Daughter)
Kidnapped by the Mountain Man (Age Gap, Protector)
Forbidden Cowboy (Age Gap, Bosses Daughter)
Stalked by the Mountain Man (Age Gap, Virgin)
Scarred Cowboy (Age Gap, Virgin)
Mail Order Mountain Man (Age Gap, Enemies to Lovers)
Brothers Best Friend Cowboy (Age Gap, Virgin)
Secret Baby for the Mountain Man (Age Gap, Protector)
Filthy, Dirty, Cowboy (Age Gap, Virgin)
Big, Bad, Mountain Man (Age Gap, Protector)

Rugged Mountain MC

Riding Rough (Age Gap, Best Friends Daughter)
Riding Hard (Age Gap, Taboo)
Riding Dirty (Age Gap, Forbidden)
Riding Hot (Age Gap, Forbidden)
Riding Cowgirl (Age Gap, Kidnapped)
Riding Wicked (Age Gap, Secret Baby)
Riding Wild (Age Gap, Enemies to Lovers)
Riding Savage (Age Gap, Forbidden)
Riding Mr. Right (Age Gap, Taboo)
Riding Curves (Age Gap, Single Mom)


Rugged Mountain Ink: Balsam Creek Lodge

Kidnapped for Christmas: (Age Gap, Enemies to Lovers)
Filthy, Dirty, Christmas (Age Gap, Brothers Best Friend)
Stalked for Christmas (Age Gap, Taboo)
Sticky, Sweet Christmas (Age Gap, Taboo)
Protected for Christmas (Age Gap, Damsel in Distress)

Rugged Mountain Goliaths

Savage Protector (Age Gap, Daughters Best Friend)
Hunted and Kept (Age Gap, Stalker Lite)
Strong and Steady (Age Gap, Secret Baby)

Rough and Tumble (Age Gap, Secret Billionaire, Mountain Man)

Wrapped and Rescued (Age Gap, Rescue, Mountain Man )

Rugged Mountain Protectors

Protected by the Mountain Man (Age Gap)

Protected by the Cowboy (Age Gap)

Protected by my Stalker (Age Gap)

Protected by my Brothers Best Friend (Age Gap)

Protected by the Biker (Age Gap)

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