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Three Months Later

I sit on the front porch step and toss Max's ball across the yard. He's getting older by the day and much more choosey about where he expends his energy. In his mind, fetch is always a reasonable choice, so I indulge his demands.

"You're up early." Amber steps out onto the porch with two cups of coffee in her hands. The steam rises up and clouds her pretty face as she settles next to me on the porch. She shuffles the cups. "I think this one is yours, I'm still drinking decaf." She doesn't say it as though it's an imposition, rather that it's a fact. I'm more and more in awe of her every day. I have the strength to do a lot of things, but giving up caffeine isn't one of them.

I take a mug from her hand and help her down onto the porch step with me as Max drops his tennis ball at my feet. "Good boy..." I toss the ball again and glance back toward my girl, admiring her rounding stomach and the glow on her cheeks. "The guys are coming over to help with the babies room today. Diesel said he'd be here first thing. I hope that's okay."

She leans her head on my shoulder and sighs, warming her hands with the coffee mug. "Considering Colton will be here any day, I think it's time." She laughs. "Don't worry, next time we'll have this down."

"Next time, huh? You're already planning for more?"

Her nose wrinkles in the sweet way it does when she's about to tell me something crazy. "At least four. I mean, I've always wanted a huge family. Don't you?"

I think over her request and how many stumbling blocks we've had with one pregnancy. We've spent months debating where to put Colton. On one hand we thought an addition would be nice. A growing family would need the space. Then we thought an addition would mean the baby was too far away from us so we axed the addition until Colton is a little older. But when we started decorating the nursery we realized the cabin was most definitely too small so we went back to adding an addition. I've been working on it every day since and the time I would rather be spending with Amber has been eaten up by housework. Granted, she has offered to help. But as much as I like her next to me. She needs to rest.

"Am I scaring you?" She smiles and sips at her coffee.

"No. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of everything. I want to crawl on top of you right now and give you all four of those babies at once but I also want you all to myself."

Max drops the ball at my feet again and I toss it into the wind, watching as it blows out of it's original path. The ball rolls down the hill and toward the creek, landing in a pasture of wildflowers. Maybe the ball is trying to tell me something. You can imagine life one way, but it's the surprises that make the days beautiful. It's the chaos that creates memories.

I wrap my arm around Amber and kiss the top of her head. "I want as many babies as we can have." I raise my brows and lower my tone. "But I need you to promise me a date night at least once a week."

Her face lights up and she brushes her nose against mine. "I think I can make that happen."

My heart swells. "Good, because truth be told I like seeing this round belly." I rub my hand over her stomach and lean in to kiss her as Diesel's bike rumbles up the drive way. He's been going through a lot lately trying to help a friend of Amber's and I know he doesn't have a ton of time but I know how much it means to Amber that he came out to help. As awkward as it is at times that we're the same age. He's still Amber's father and their relationship is important.

"I'm going to get changed and start breakfast. Will you ask Daddy how he wants his eggs this morning?" She stands from the porch and heads inside, the screen door slamming behind her. Under normal circumstances I'm sure she'd ask him herself about the eggs, but this morning she's wearing a tank top that barely covers her ass. I enjoy it, I'm not sure her dad would.

Diesel parks at the edge of the stone driveway and climbs off his bike. His gaze is heavier than normal and I'm wondering what the hell is going on.

"Everything okay, man?"

He nods. "It will be. I've been trying to help that friend of Amber's but the girl is a pain the ass."

I laugh. "How so?"

He scrubs his hand over his beard. "Ah, I went down to Rugged Mountain Ink and got a tattoo from her today, tried to talk but she's pretty tight lipped. I don't know what to do aside from picking her up and carrying her out of the woods."

"The woods?"

He nods. "In a tent. I think I'm going to help you out here and head back down the mountain to see what I can do for her." I rarely see Diesel shaken but today he looks wrecked.

"Why don't you take off. We appreciate the help, but the guys should be here any minute and it's already too many hands for what we have left to do."

He grumbles. "Ah, it's my first grandbaby and I want to help."

"And you have. You built this entire edition with me. Today you're busy doing something else. It's okay. Go take care of Bella."

He stares toward me as though he knows that's where he needs to be and I get it. "I'll call you two later. Tell Amber I love her."

I nod and sip from my coffee. As I watch Diesel fire up his bike I can't help but dissect the look on his face when he talked about Bella. He's invested. Whole heartedly. I know. I've seen that look before. In the mirror.

Max drops his ball at my feet and again I toss it into the wind because life is better with surprises.

I only hope Diesel can see that too.



Can this older mountain biker kick start a young, broken heart?


Bella Andrews isn’t like other women.

She’s tough, rough, and tells it like it is.

Trouble is, she’s my daughter's friend and completely off limits.

Now she's in trouble and needs my help

Staying away isn't an option.


There’s nothing I want less than a man.

In fact, if I never see one again, I’ll die a happy woman.

But I'm in trouble and Diesel is the only person I can trust.

I shouldn't get close to him. I shouldn't let him touch me.

But some things are too good to say no to.

Dear Readers,

This is a short, LITE MC romance with a big, growly, protective, mountain biker and a sweet and curvy, younger temptress. As always this title comes with Khloe's 'Easy Escape Seal' A no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guarantee.

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