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Updated: May 23, 2023

Bonus Ending Le Crv

Two Years Later


I settle our newborn into his crib. He’s only a few days old and he’s been crying nonstop since we brought him home, but still, I couldn’t be happier. Which isn’t like me at all. I figured at this point, I’d be pulling my hair out and hailing a cab back to my ‘real’ life.

“How’s he doing?” Mason asks, running his hand along the small of my back. He’s been more than supportive, offering me a break every second he gets and I couldn’t be more grateful for my life here with him in Monterey. Sometimes, we miss the hustle of LA, but living on the bluffs overlooking the ocean is far more peaceful.

“He’s tired,” I say, rubbing little Bear’s butt. People have given us gruff about his name too, but it seemed fitting since he did a stretching growl maneuver the second, he took his first breath. “He just needs to sleep.”

“You’re tired too mama,” Mason says, kissing my head, why don’t you go lay down and get some rest. You have that big meeting in the morning with Vampire Tuesday’s.

I smile, he’s not wrong. This new indie band is the biggest up and coming since The Waves. I’m lucky they wanted to sign on with me. Not to mention the fact that Mason has built me a studio in the house, right next to his office, so we can both be home with little Bear while still focusing on our work.

“Okay,” I say, leaning up into his lips for a kiss. “But you owe me something later.”

Mason glares down at me playfully and backs me into the back wall of the nursery, his hands firmly gripped around my wrists as he holds them up over my head. He still turns me on more than ever. That look, so deep and sure—so confident. “I’m going to kiss every inch of this beautiful body,” he says, kissing my neck slowly as he works his way up to the lobe of my ear.

We can’t have sex for another six weeks, because of the birth, which will be the most torturous of the whole event, the hormones have made me hornier than ever and all I want is his cock.

He trails his kiss over top my ear, down the side of my face, onto my neck, and into my breast line, running his hand between my legs. He’s soft and careful, before gripping my hand to lead me out of the baby’s room and into the main living space.

It’s dark and quiet, and the ocean is no longer visible from the large picture windows that span the area. The only sight in the distance is a flashing red light from a buoy floating offshore.

Mason leans me back onto the couch and strips off my panties before laying his head between my legs, kissing each thigh softly as he works a kiss up onto my slit. He’s soft and careful, making sure not to cause me any pain, but I want him harder, deeper, all over me.

I grind my hips upward into his face, my fingertips gripping his hair.

“Slow down, sweet girl. We have to be soft with you, you’re still repairing.”

“I can’t. I need you to fill me up Mason. I need you.”

He circles his tongue over top my clit and sucks up, forcing a wave of heat and euphoria to crash into me. There’s still fragility in his movements, which isn’t much like us, but I like it. It’s soft and careful, his tongue swirling and sucking. My hips like cannons thrusting upward without thought until the pleasure peaks and I spill warm, sticky juices that Mason can’t wait to lap up.

It’s the first orgasm I’ve had since the baby and every sensation is on fire.

Mason kisses my slit and works his way back up my body, his lips on my stomach, then my tits, sucking the nectar that’s dripping from their ducts.

“You’re sweet,” he says, licking his lips. “Everywhere.”

Another pulse takes over my core and I feel the ache return as I lean forward, ready to suck his dick, but he guides me into his arms instead, holding me safe and warm.

“Tomorrow night,” he says, kissing my head. “Tonight, you need some sleep.”

I most certainly don’t need sleep. I need his dick. I need that thick, stiff cock in my mouth, sliding up and over my tongue. But he’s not wrong. I’m exhausted, and the orgasm he just gave me has left me even more relaxed.

Thoughts of his body against mine linger in my mind as I involuntarily drift off to sleep, his arms wrapped around me so tight that I know life will only get better.

“I love you,” He murmurs, kissing my forehead softly.

I snuggle into his chest and my body relaxes. “I love you too.”

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Vickie Mabry Hill
Vickie Mabry Hill
Sep 15, 2021

Oh I'm definitely going to read it!


Vickie Mabry Hill
Vickie Mabry Hill
Sep 14, 2021

I had just finished the book and had to read the bonus! It was sweet and hot loved it! I do want to show you I'm assuming is a mistake announcing the bonus,

Khloe Summers
Khloe Summers
Sep 14, 2021
Replying to

lol! Thank you for the heads up, I made the adjustment! 😍 Consequently, if you'd like to read about Mason and Skye... Whiskey Canyon releases next week! 😂

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