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Updated: May 23, 2023

Can secrets of the past keep this older man away, or will the future shine bright?


I've never been the kind to need a rescue.

I've always been strong, determined, and independent.

But a recent heartbreak has my life spinning out of control,

A dark, inked, older man offers me a little more than just a hand.


Julie is everything I've ever wanted.

She's smart, stubborn, smart-assed, and curvy as hell.

And I can't help but run to her aid, even if she isn't asking for it.

And once she tells me what happened, I'll do anything in my power to make it right.

Dear Readers,

This is a sweet and steamy, age gap romance. As always, this title comes with Khloe’s ‘Easy Escape Seal’, a no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA guarantee.





One Year Later

The Quickie

Maverick presses me back up against the wall of the barn and raises my hands above my head. He grips my wrists as he leans into my ear.

"What are you going to do with all this gold? You might be the richest lady in all of Rugged Mountain now. Hell, the whole state."

I smile and take in the scent of him. It's a combination between his woodsy cologne and the natural musk he emanates after working all day. It's uniquely him and I can't get enough.

"The kids will be set for life, so I'm counting good on that. The rest we can use to help expand the town, bring more services to the area."

He kisses my neck softly, "I want you to have everything."

"The day you rescued me from that motel room, you gave me everything. You changed my life that night, Maverick."

His lips press into mine, I run my hand down over his chest, peel off his shirt and unbuckle his jeans, dragging them to the floor. My body craving the same intention it did the first day we met. He's gorgeous, perfect, and all mine.

With his jeans on the floor, his cock stands to attention. The long, hard pole is thick and excited as it presses against my stomach. Reaching down, I grip one hand around his cock and pump with intention as his hand wanders down over my skirt. It's been so long since we've had any alone time together. Between two sets of twins, all my mayor responsibilities and the library, we're busy most days until we collapse in bed. This afternoon is a treat. Cami offered to watch the kids for us, and we took her up on it! Of course, we'll have she and Henry's kid's over next weekend. I'm sure they could use a break as well.

I pump with intention as he slides a single finger inside of me, then two. His hands are big, and I feel the stretch with two fingers.

Warmth wavers down my spine and pools at his hands, my excitement obvious. I bend down to suck him, taste him, let him stretch my mouth wide with his cock, but he holds me back.

“No,” he growls, gripping my chin gently in his hand, the same hand that was just soaking me. “I can’t wait any longer. I need you now. Fuck, I need you now.” There’s unfaltering desperation in his tone. A rawness, an almost animalistic glare in his eye that I see pass me in the hallway before bed.

I bite my lip as a wave of heat pursues my cheeks, the urge to be filled with his hard, thick cock overwhelming and slamming into me like heavy waves on the shore, the worry of his size evaporating into the breeze.

"Should we go inside?" His kiss is all over my neck, on my shoulder. His hands greedily grip my breasts and squeeze.

"No. It will take too long, and God knows we're going to run into something on the way in that'll stop us."

His gaze has drooped as though he's drunk. Drunk on hormones, drunk on me.

My panties gush with more heat and my nipples tighten as he bends me backward onto the feed table and lifts my leg to the top of his shoulder, pulling my panties to the side. In one hard press he’s pushed the thick head through my opening, his gaze on mine as he thrusts forward, the desperate grip of his hands on my body seeping into every pore.

I let out a moan as he stretches me further, every inch of his dick now nearly inside of me, spreading me, filling me. g.

“Fuck you feel good,” he groans as his thrusts reach my cervix.

I grab hold of a metal bar on the horse stall to steady myself in place, bracing his movements. I draw in a sharp breath as I reach the limit of what can go inside. Even after having him hundreds of times, I haven't gotten used to his size. Every time is like the first again. A little painful at first, then the best pleasure I've ever felt.

“Take your time, sweetheart. I’ve got you.” He watches with intent as I move slowly at first, but it’s not long before my breasts are jumping and swaying, my neck arching back, my hands running over his chest and up my own body onto my face. The pleasure unchains a wash of unbridled need I didn’t know had been buried.

His hand moves onto my breasts and down over my stomach, landing between my legs. His fingertip swirls around the swollen knob that’s at the center of the orgasm I’m about to have.

I stare down at Maverick as I grind in circles, noting how red his face has gotten, how intense his dark eyes are, how his muscles are flexing with sweat and frightening desperation. I wonder if he can hear the ticks of my heart. I wonder if he can feel my body tensing. I wonder if he can sense that I’m about to explode.

He growls and arches his head back slightly, his grip on my hip tighter, his hand on my clit faster.

My skin jumps and a rush of pleasure spreads over me, burying itself in my core as I bite my lip and run my fingers through my hair. Sigh after sigh spills from my lips and I sink deeper into him, fire and euphoria charging my veins in a mind-numbing orgasm that shakes me to my soul and leaves me boneless.

Maverick thrusts upward, bouncing me harder, pushing me past my own orgasm, as I grip the edge of the feed table and continue to move, anxious to drain him. Anxious to feel what it’s like to have him explode within me again and again.

He grips both my hips and his eyes squeeze shut, his biceps flexed, his abs tight, a growl so deep and animalistic that I find myself turned on again.

Slowly, his eyes open and his stare sits on me, swallowing me with desire and contentment.

He kisses the top of my head and sucks in a deep breath, his hand tickling my bare back. "I never imagined quickies in the barn would be my thing, but I'm thinking this has to be our secret spot from now on. The kids will think we've come out to feed the horses... and no one wants to be a part of chores."

I look back at him, landing a kiss on his lips with a moan of approval. Because I'm not sure there's ever been a better place for a quickie.


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