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Updated: May 23, 2023

Can this older professor quell the temptations of his curvy art student?


Moving to the Springs for college meant new experiences.

Experiences I wouldn’t have in my small mountain town.

But I wasn’t expecting to fall for my professor.

He’s tall, rugged, inked and doesn’t look anything like the older art teacher I was expecting.

There’s three weeks left of the semester.

I need to resist him… but I’m not sure I can.


I’ve worked at this university for the better part of twenty years.

Never once have I found interest in a student... until Raven.

She’s shy, sweet, curvy, smart, and incredibly talented.

I can’t fall for her. It’s not right.

But when she decides to pose nearly nude as the classroom muse for a final project, all bets are off.

Right or wrong, this mountain girl will be mine.

Dear Readers,

This is a super steamy, curvy girl, age gap romance. As always, this title comes with Khloe's 'Easy Escape Seal'. A no cheating, no cliff hanger, HEA guarantee!



If you haven't read Raven and Gage's story, you'll want to read that first. :)

Spoilers Below.

Keep Reading for Bonus Epilogue to Obsessed.


I pick up my diary and stretch open the pages. I'm terrible about writing in it. I took forever choosing the perfect paper, the perfect binding, the perfect cover. Heck, I even lamented on what pen to use. Since that day at Barnes and Noble, I've picked it up three times. Today is the third time.

Dear Diary,

Raven and Gage just left for dinner. They have me watching Sienna for the night while the two of them go dancing at a new club in town. I don't think it's going to do very well. The dude running the place has no idea how to run a small-town club. Though, I wouldn't mind showing him a few things. He's big, tall, handsome, and he has these tattoos on his hands that drive me insane!

Ugh, I shouldn't think about him anymore. Nothing is going to come of it. I've seen him around town, he had his chance, but he didn't want anything to do with me. And if on some off chance he did, it doesn't matter... he's nearly twenty years older than me and my father would lose his mind. Not about the age gap, he and my mother are far apart in age. No, he would have issues because he vehemently despises the club ever opening its doors.

Why is everything so complicated?


Sienna just woke up and took her bottle. She's so cute! I wonder if I'll ever have a love like Raven and Gage do? They're so happy. Yesterday, Raven was telling me how she and Gage are planning another baby already. I'm happy for her, but I'm jealous too. She left the mountain, she found her love, she had adventure. Maybe that's what I need, an adventure. Something exciting to liven things up. Something exciting like Declan and whatever those hands of his have to offer.

Oh god, I'm sick. Sick and too horny for my own good. I can't imagine if anyone found this. I'd die. But that's what diaries are for, right? Secret, private, thoughts? And whiney ramblings?


Raven and Gage are home, I've decided to stay in the guest room for the night, it's raining pretty bad and it's a long ride back to my cabin. Besides that, I have terrible night vision and animals are all over the roads this time of night. I'll be better off here. Plus, I'll get a few of Raven's homemade pumpkin cinnamon rolls. She's known for making the best fall treats in town. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin pie... you name it... pumpkin anything, she's got you covered. I think it's her motherly instincts kicking in, because she never liked baking before.

Maybe that's what I need, a good pumpkin roll recipe. Will that help find me a man?


I set my diary down on the side table and lay back on the pillow, pulling up the heavy comforter before shutting off the light to stare up at the ceiling. There's something therapeutic about getting all your feelings out on paper, even if they make no sense.

Raven and Gage's room is behind me, and I can hear them whispering back and forth to each other. I try not to pay attention, but the walls of the cabin are thin, and realistically, I have no self-control.

"Tonight, was one of the best nights I've had," Gage says, his voice low. I imagine he's holding her close and pulling her against his chest. Or some other romantic thing that will only make me even more envious of their relationship.

"Me too," Raven replies, "That club is hilarious. I think my dad was wrong about bringing a place like that here, it's a total mess. I don't think it will make it past the first year. And that guy... he's kind of--"

Gage laughs, "Weird? He's the one Addie was talking about, right?"

My ears perk even harder until my face is pressed against the cool wall, listening with focus.

"I was going to say handsome," Raven laughs. "I gave him Addie's number. I figure Cupid could use some help."

I can't hear Gage's reply. All I hear is a roaring in my ear. I assume that means my blood pressure has shot through the roof.

Declan Harth has my phone number. The big, tall, man with sleeves of tattoos and roses inked on each hand has my telephone number and the first image that pops into my head is what his hand will look like around my neck, pressing me up against a wall.

My clit throbs and my head spins as I contemplate what all of this means. Though the contemplating doesn't last long because I have a text. A text from an unknown number.

A text that says,

'Hey, got your number from Raven. Are you free tomorrow night? I'd like to show you around the club. Maybe buy you a drink. This is Declan by the way.'

My heart thuds against my chest and I swear for a second my vision goes blurry.

What in the hell just happened?


Yay! Another release day is here! This one is super special! Why? Because we're celebrating another generation of Rugged Mountain Ink!

Thank you for loving this world and these people.

They love you right back!

(and so do I)



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