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Updated: May 23, 2023

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Six Months Later

I promised Henry that I'd stop over and watch the baby for the evening. He's taking Cami out on a proper date. The first they've had since Raven was born and she's been desperate to go watch the band that's playing tonight down at Two-Step.

"Knock, knock," I say, hitting heavy on the cabin door before swinging it open. I could've waited for them to answer, but I'm here enough that they're expecting me.

Cami rushes down the hall with open arms, "Maddox! I'm so happy to see you!"

"Happy to see me, or happy to have a sitter for the night?"

She purses her lips and looks to the side playfully. "Both?"

"Where is the little angel?" I say, sliding off my boots.

"He's getting her dressed. I love her like crazy, but I'm so excited for this night out!"

I ring my arm around Cami's neck playfully. It's funny how quickly she's become a like a sister to me. It really is like she's always been here.

"How are you doing? Tag still staying away?"

"Ugh, that name..." she turns her gaze downward, "Are you trying to ruin my night?"

I laugh, "No. Just curious. You don't have to talk about it if--"

She shakes her head, "I haven't heard from him, but my mom ran into him in the city a few weeks ago. I guess he got back together with what's her name."

I roll my eyes, I was curious if he'd ever want to know Raven, but I can't ask her that right now, I'm pretty sure she'd lose her shit.

"What about you? You said you were going to get out there more... try meeting someone... any luck?"

I look down at the floorboards then back up again, running my hand over top my beard. "I met this girl at Two-Step the other night, but I'm not sure she's going to call me back or not. She was just blowing through town. Probably never see her again. An emptiness punches me in the stomach when I say it. I've been thinking about Nikki nonstop since last night. That long, blonde hair, all those curves, that smart ass attitude.

Fuck! I shake my head. I'm not sure why I'm torturing myself with her. It was one dance, one kiss. And she's too damn young to be messing with anyway.

"Hello..." Henry says, moving Raven in circles in front of my vision. She's wearing a little pink onesie, her chubby thighs kicking back and forth frantically as she grins. I'm so in love when I look at this kid.

"We'll be back by midnight, maybe a little later..." Henry says, gripping Cami by the waist to plant a heavy kiss on her lips. "You know where everything is. Call us if you need anything. One little thing and we're home." He kisses Cami again, his gaze dreamy. Ugh. I'm tempted to look away, but I don't. It's too cute. They're too cute. And I'm jealous as fuck.

Cami dotes over Raven for a moment before kissing my cheek and returning to Henry's side.

"Have fun you two," I say, waving with Raven's hand as they head out into the night.

They wave back, the two of them smiling and laughing, their arms wrapped around one another. They met over distress; things worked out. It wasn't easy at first, but it worked out. Maybe it could for me as well. Maybe I could call Nikki, explain that the fight at the bar was only in her defense. Let her know that guy had it coming. He was saying all types of fucked up shit.

"What should I do Raven? Should Uncle Mad call the girl he's not sure likes him or not...?"

Raven coos and grips my finger, a bit of drool falling from her mouth.

I pull my phone from my back pocket, and kiss Raven's head gently. "You're right, I think he should."

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just discovered your books, can't say enough about them I am going down the list of all your books, just love them. Please please keep at it. lol lol

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