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Updated: May 23, 2023

Five Years Later

It’s late when we arrive in Costa Rica, but it’s the first time we’ve had a break from the kids in nearly a year and I’m going to take advantage of every second Gina and I are alone.

I lead her onto the beach, holding her hand tightly in mine. “We should get to bed, we have that tour in the morning we don’t want to be late for,” she says, leaning her head against my shoulder. We haven’t been here but an hour and she already smells like hibiscus and coconuts.

I turn toward her and run my hand down the side of her arm. She’s soft, a light breeze blows her hair to the side as a smile lifts her face and her nipples peak.

I lean into her lips and kiss her, my hands lost in the back of her hair, the blood leaving my brain. I should stop, she’s right, we’ve traveled a long way, we’ve got an early morning, but the beach is empty, and I’ve always been a fan of an empty beach.

She looks me in the eye and for a second, I see the Gina I met six years ago. The one who went wild with me screaming on the Jersey shore. One by one, she pulls the white straps of her sundress down over her shoulders, exposing her large round breasts to the salty air.

The resort is behind us, but we’re shrouded by the jungle. Another cool trade wind pushes against us as I run my thumb lightly over Gina’s nipple, my gaze on hers as I lean in to trace circles around her areola with my tongue.

She arches her head back and moans, the full moon throwing light on her, highlighting her figure like a sculpture in an expensive museum I don’t belong in.

My cock is hard, pressing against my board shorts.

Gina reaches down and presses into my shorts, stroking my cock as she moans, her eyes dialed back in on mine.

“You see that fallen tree?” She asks, nodding toward a tree trunk that’s fallen perfectly into the water. “I’m going to bend over and you’re going to take me.”

I don’t question her, I only do as I’m told, following her to the trunk as she bends her soft body over, her bare ass perked up in the moonlight, her soft pink core on display for my taking.

I look around, making sure there’s no one near, then push my shorts down just enough to pull out my cock, sliding it into her gently as she lets out a moan.

Slower then faster I thrust in and out, gripping her hips with one hand, circling her clit with the other as the full moon sits round above us.

“I’m going to come, Tommy,” she moans. “Don’t stop!”

Flashes of light cover my vision as electricity runs the length of my spine. My core tightens and I feel my own release coming. She’s perfect, she’s been perfect, and I’ll always want more.

“I love you Gina,” I groan, pressing into her again as I try to hold my orgasm.

She flicks her head back, her long hair flowering down over her shoulders as she let’s out the song of her release.

Listening to her forces my own completion and soon my eyes are squeezing shut and my movements become more methodical until I come. Ripples of pleasure wave and tickle my nerves like soft feathers as I grip her hips harder.

Pulling out, Gina twists toward me and smiles wildly, her hands firm on my shoulders as her breasts wave free.

“We’re so crazy!” she laughs. “Can you believe us? Parents… out here acting like fools! What would the PTA say?”

I laugh and pull her into my chest, pressing her against me with pressure. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” I say, kissing her soft.

She smiles, pulling her dress back up into place, “I think we have a standing date out here the rest of the week. What do you say?”

“I say you have a deal,” I take her hand and we walk back toward the resort, passing through the torch lights that sit on either side of the path.

“What do you think the kids are doing?” Gina asks.

“I think they’re driving my father crazy,” I laugh. “Anna is probably showing him her the little ponies for the hundredth time and Troy is probably begging to play kick ball.”

She smiles and leans her head on my shoulder as we step into the condo we’ve rented for the week.

This week will be a fun break but getting back to life in Jersey will be great too. Having a family with Gina is all I’ve ever wanted. She’s sweet, kind, loving, and seeing her as a Mom has made my whole world worthwhile.

“You coming Salty Boy?” She asks, holding the door open with a smile.

I smile, “Coming sweetheart.”

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